Manufactured by the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, these quality men’s work boots and shoes are engineered for workplace safety and designed for your comfort. This manufacturer has been a pioneer in adding protective features to footwear.

Thorogood work boots and shoes: Thorogood boots have been in existence for more than 100 years, meeting the needs of hard workers on the job.

Specific protective features in Thorogood men’s work boots include:

To help prevent workplace injuries caused by accidents and hazards, Thorogood boots come with multiple types of protective toe caps.

Work boots with protective toe caps provide the highest level of protection. Options include:

  • Steel toe boots: Thorogood offers a wide selection of steel toe boots and shoes, with a variety of other protective features added, including electrical hazard protection and quick release features. They also make steel toe boots and shoes for women. Footwear with steel toe caps is recommended for people working in manufacturing, construction and similar fields.
  • Composite toe boots: a key advantage of composite toe boots and shoes is that it provides excellence protection and can also pass through metal detectors. This footwear can also be lighter in weight.

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