Static electricity can damage the electronic chips that you’re assembling or the equipment that you use to build the components. Static dissipative shoes are created in a way to help prevent those sparks of static electricity from causing damage.

If you work in electronic component manufacturing or in a similar job, static dissipative shoes are recommended for you.

How does static electricity work?

Static electricity refers to the electrical charge that exists on surfaces, including floors. Whenever two surfaces – including your shoes and the floor – come into contact with one another and then separate from one another, a discharge can take place.

The only way to prevent this is to ensure that the surfaces –including your footwear are allowing the electricity to flow. If the electricity continues to flow, this will dramatically reduce the risk of sparks.

That’s a really quick look at how the static form of electricity works. Now find out how the proper footwear can protect you.

How do static dissipative shoes protect you?

Whenever you wear footwear with static dissipative qualities, the electricity can flow between you and the ground, whenever your shoes come in contact with – and then separate from – the floor. This type of footwear also provides some electrical insulation.

If you’re an electrician, ask about electrical hazard boots or shoes that will help to insulate you from the ground. Electrical hazard boots or shoes are the proper choice for electricians; electricians should not use static dissipative shoes.

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