Rocky is and has been a world leader in occupational and outdoor footwear for more than 75 years.. A wide variety of styles of Rocky boots exist, making this an excellent brand to choose for workplace needs.

Rocky work boots and shoes come with steel toe and composite toe caps, plus multiple other protective features for men and for women.

If in need of protective toe caps, Rocky offers:

  • Steel toe boots and shoes: this footwear provides this highest level of protection against workplace accidents and hazards and is typically recommended for manufacturing and construction jobs, along with other jobs that require top-level protection. Rocky offers men’s steel toe boots and shoes and women’s steel toe boots and shoes.
  • Composite toe boots and shoes: footwear with composite toe protection also provides excellent protection against workplace hazards and accidents. They can also be lighter in weight than steel toe caps and they pass through metal detectors without problems.

Depending on your job, there are a variety of protective features that you might need in your work boots and shoes. Here is what Rocky offers you:

  • Waterproof boots: to keep your feet dry while you work, Rocky manufactures a variety of waterproof boots. These boots often offer other protective features, as well. Examples include waterproof boots with insulation and boots with guaranteed waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric.
  • Insulated boots: to keep your feet warm in chilling work conditions, Rocky manufactures insulated boots featuring Thinsulate insulation. These boots can also provide other protective features. Examples include insulated boots with waterproofing and insulated boots with steel toe protection.

Other protective features available in Rocky boots and shoes include:

  • Oil and slip resistant outsoles
  • Electrical hazard protection

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