How to Find Your Correct Foot Size

As you know, your feet are 3-dimensional - length, width and height. Unfortunately, all tools used to measure feet are only 2-dimensional - length and width. Since everybody's feet are different it can sometimes be hard to measure your TRUE shoe size. Lehigh Outfitters also carries a wide range of styles and brands; and not all brands are built the same. So if you are familiar with the brand you plan to purchase, we recommend ordering the same size you normally wear in that brand. If you are new to a brand it is still best to go with the size you are currently wearing assuming they are a comfortable fit. Read More

Steel Toe vs. Composite Toe

With nearly 2,000 footwear styles to choose from, needless to say, we know a thing or two about footwear. One of the most common questions that continues to pop up for our blue-collar customers is the difference between steel and composite toe work boots. Read More

How to Choose the Best Men's Work Boots

If you need a quality pair of men's work boots that are just right for your job, use this info from Lehigh Outfitters to guide your choice. Read More

How to Choose the Best Men's Work Boots, Part 2

If you need a quality pair of men's work boots that are just right for your job, use this info from Lehigh Outfitters to guide your choice. Read More

The Best Work Boots

Who makes the best work boots? Actually, there is more than one way to answer that question. Read More

Static Dissipative Shoes

Static electricity can damage the electronic chips that you're assembling or the equipmen that you use to build the components. Static dissipative shoes are created in a way to help prevent those sparks of static electricity from causing damage. Read More

Georgia Work Boots

Georgia boots and shoes are excellent choices for your workplace footwear and have been for more than 60 years. Georgia footwear is especially known for its Comfort Core® Insole Technology that provides exceptional comfort all day. Read More

Georgia Work Boots, Part 2

It makes sense to choose insulated boots when you work outdoors in the cold or in a cold indoor environment: men's work boots with insulation help keep your feet warm while you work. Read More

Rocky Work Boots

Rocky is and has been a world leader in occupational and outdoor footwear for more than 75 years. A wide variety of Rocky Boots exist, making this an excellent brand to choose for workplace needs. Read More

Rocky Work Boots, Part 2

Waterproof boots are a great choice to keep your feet dry if you work outside or in an area where there is plenty of moisture in the air. Read More

TimberlandPRO® Work Boots

TimberlandPRO offers a wide selection of quality footwear that helps to protect you against workplace hazards and accidents. Choices of TimberlandPRO® boots include steel toe boots, composite toe boots, metatarsal boots and many more. Read More

Thorogood Work Boots

manufactured by the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, these quaility men's work boots and shoes are engineered for safety and designed for your comfort. This manufactuer has been a pioneer in adding protective features to footwear. Read More

Industrial vs. Hospitality Slip-Resistant Requirements

What type of slip resistant are you seeking? One of the most frequently asked questions we receive would be considered our best footwear option for slip resistance. Read More

The difference bewteen a shank and a steel plate - Support vs Safety!

A common question we have received through the years from safety managers is wether or not a particular style has a shank. More often than not, we find what the person is really seeking is not a shank but rather a steel plate. Read More