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Protect yourself with static dissipative shoes from Lehigh Outfitters:
Go lightweight and ultra-comfortable with SD athletic shoes from Converse, Nautilus and Reebok.

Sparks of electricity from your body can damage the electronic parts that you’re assembling or even the equipment you’re using to assemble them. To prevent this from happening, choose a pair of static dissipative shoes. SD shoes allow the electricity in your body to flow between you and the ground and also provide a measure of electrical insulation.

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Results per page:  15  |  30  |  50

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Lehigh Outfitters provide you with the name brand work shoes and boots that you need, with static dissipative footwear available from:

Choose static dissipative footwear from a variety of styles and levels of protection, including oxford work shoes, steel toe work shoes and more.

Steel toe footwear provides the ultimate in protection while oxfords are made from highly durable materials and come in a variety of professional styles for when you need to look your best in the workplace.

Lehigh Outfitters offers you a wide selection of the best work shoes available