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The best Police, EMS, Postal and Military boots reporting for duty. Hard-working, comfortable and dependable; Lehigh carries a great selection of black tactical, dessert combat, patrol, first response and postal service boots from the top trusted brands such as Rocky, Reebok, Timberland PRO, Thorogood, Original S.W.A.T. and more.

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ROCKY is an established and trusted brand that has been servicing men and women of the military, police, EMT and postal professions for years with top quality boots featuring innovative technology, lightweight performance and all-day comfort. Collections include the C4T Trainers, S2V, Alpha Force, Elements, Fort Hood, Eliminator, SlipStop, 911, TMC Postal-Approved, 1st Med and more. Click Rocky logo above to see all.

REEBOK duty boots provide, “positive traction, respond quickly and offer superior comfort for police officers, tactical units and military personnel.” Lehigh carries the following Reebok duty collections and styles: Stealth, Fusion Max, Rapid Response, ZigKick Tactical, and Dauntless. Click Reebok logo above to see all.

THOROGOOD uniform boots have high quality materials with top-notch craftsmanship. Some styles incorporate blood borne pathogen resistance and have become a popular choice for law enforcement and EMTs. Lehigh carries the following Thorogood uniform collections and styles: The Deuce, GEN-flex2 Tactical, ASR: Athletic Slip Resisting, Softstreets and Station. Click Thorogood logo above to see all.

TIMBERLAND PRO Valor duty collection was engineered to be an essential tool for public safety professionals. High quality features and exclusive technologies provide numerous benefits in every style. Click Timberland PRO logo above to see all.

ORIGINAL S.W.A.T.was founded in 1999 with the goal of making a better boot that helps law enforcement, military and EMTs perform at their best with all-day support and comfort. Lab and field-tested, tactical footwear is all they focus on. Lehigh carries the following Original S.W.A.T collections and styles: Classic, Chase and Metro Air. Click Original S.W.A.T. logo above to see all.

DICKIES is a long-standing company known primarily as a top manufacturer of work apparel but also makes quality work and purpose-built tactical footwear with engineered comfort as tough as the day is long. Lehigh carries the following Dickies Tactical styles: Lance, Challenger and Spear. Click Dickies logo above to see all.

IRON AGE are shoes with long-lasting reliable strength built to get the job done providing superior protection and comfort. Lehigh carries the Ground Finish and the men’s and women’s Trencher. Click Iron Age logo above to see all.

KNAPP boots are durable and comfortable and designed for those who work for a living. Click Knapp logo above to see all.

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